About us

We Know The Secret Of Great Chicken


Chicken King is a young, innovative and 100% Namibian Chicken Fast Food Franchise that serves deep fried and delicious charcoal braaied chicken. The whole story started in the coastal town of Walvis Bay. The founder believes that a fresh, owner driven and results orientated attitude is what yields results in the fast food industry.

“We don't just serve chicken to people, we serve people” - Johan Swanepoel

We believe we should develop the talents God entrusted us with, make an impact, and bloom where we are planted. Our brand are service-orientated, because in short, we love people. We believe in, invest in, and trust in our people by empowering them to grow and make an impact in society.

“Why we are Closed on Sundays”

We believe that our staff needs an opportunity to take a day a week off if they choose do to so. In today’s busy and upbeat lifestyles Chicken King realizes the importance of taking one day a week off, to be with family, rest and worship if you choose to. This is a value we respect and choose to give to our employees.

“Our freshly made-to-order meals may come as a surprise to you, the freshness that is”

Made to order means that our food is being prepared the minute it is being ordered. Therefore you know that you will always get the freshest, plain and simple…

We give you 100% in all aspects of our business


Chicken KingFounder

Johan Swanepoel